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Meet Mariana Pajón, Colombian cyclist, Olympic Gold Medalist and BMX World Champion. 

Born October 10th, 1991 in Medellín, Colombia, this lady won her first national title at age of 5 and her first world title at the age of 9. To this date, Pajón is the winner of 14 world championships, 2 national championships in the United States, 9 Latin American Championships and 10 Pan American championships.

As one of her greatest achievements, Pajón was selected to be the flag-bearer for Colombia at the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. She would later go on to also win an Olympic Gold Medal in the 2012 games for her home country in the event of Women’s BMX.

*Pictures courtesy of Amibelec Velasquez Blog and Radio Macondo.

Thank you to follower impropermanners for bringing the amazing Mariana Pajón to our attention. 


Sunset to Dusk— Took the chance to spark up a conversation with one of the workers at the sugar mill.The stalks you see in the photoset are locally known as tubo or sugar cane. These workers work in teams, and they need to gather the sugar canes by ton for them to get paid. From what I heard, they get P1200 per ton. So that’s like P1200 for 5-7 people. Life’s hard, but I guess you need to do anything you can to survive.